In pursuit of our mission, the NSRAA will uphold its fundamental values:

The NSRAA will maintain integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and transparency in all its actions and decisions.

Person centred
The NSRAA values a person-centred approach to service delivery

The NSRAA values relationships based on respect, acceptance and compassion.
The NSRAA will pursue diversity and respect differences.
The NSRAA will uphold the confidentiality of its members.

The NSRAA values equality and believes all member agencies have an equal and democratic voice in the function of the Association.
NSRAA values a community based approach to service delivery.

Support for members
Lifelong learning, cooperation, loyalty, fun/humour

NSRAA recognizes the professionalism of its member agencies.
The NSRAA believes in the pursuit and delivery of best practices.

NSRAA Vision
Everyone belongs in the community, enjoying laughter, love, happiness and friendship.

2020 Executive Director

Carol Ann Brennan
Cell: (902) 456-4470

2018 – 20 Executive

Title Name Phone Fax Email
Chair Lee Ann Penny 422-9591 425-3151
Vice Chair Fred Deveaux 539-0025 562-5746
Treasurer David Outhouse 273-3012 275-2249
Secretary Hilary Amit 752-1755 752-4256
Member at Large #1 Blaine Chisholm 863-2202 863-4308
Member at Large #2 Shannon McLellan  893-4273  895-4192
Member at Large #3 Jeff Teasdale  863-5024  863-0090
Member at Large #4 Kelley Geddes 407-5512 405-9755
 Past Chair  Barry Jack 835-8826 835-6463